1) Why did the father create the painting? a) He wanted to teach his son to paint. b) He wanted to make his son feel better. c) He enjoyed painting when he was sad. d) The father missed the outdoors. 2) Why did the mom whisper fearfully, "I think he has scarlet fever"? a) She wanted to keep it a secret from the boy. b) Scarlet fever is dangerous. c) She wanted the house to be quiet. d) It is illegal to say such things. 3) “He’s opening his eyes,” cried the haloed angel. Why did the author call the mom that? a) The mom created a magical wish. b) The mom worked hard to save her son. c) The mom cried like an angel. d) The mom was extraterrestrial. 4) What did Miles's dad tell him he had to do to get better? a) He had to gargle hot water with lemon. b) He had to eat more. c) He had to stay in bed. d) He had to play in the river. 5) What did Miles want to do when he woke up after sleeping for days? a) He wanted to play in the river. b) He wanted to eat ice cream. c) He wanted to paint. d) He wanted to play video games. 6) What kind of painting did the father create for his son? a) a painting of a cat b) a painting of his mother c) a painting of a cartoon character d) a painting of the river 7) In the story, how many years pass when Miles remembers the painting? a) 10 b) 20 c) 40 d) 60 8) Why does Miles like his dad's painting? a) The great-grandchildren love it. b) The painting helped Miles become healthy. c) The mother said she loved the painting. d) The grandchildren want the painting. 9) Miles's mother is a haloed angel. This figurative language is called a _________________________. a) metaphor b) hyperbole c) simile d) idiomatic expression 10) How do you know Miles's dad was concerned for Miles's health? a) He let him play in the river. b) He sang him songs. c) He painted a scene that made Miles happy. d) He put a halo on the mom.




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