I am writing my email to answer the article that has connection with the proposal that was made, I know you don't want to let cars in the centre., Just because I am a member of this community, I really can understand and see the point in a city where there are no cars coming in., Firstly, these actions to do seem to be unrealistic and non-practical as cars are necessary obviously sometimes. (MEASURES), Public transport isn't the perfect way when you have a baby, or when you are retired or when you have many bags, for example., Citizens should have the right to use their cars when something like that happens. (CASE), What if we just think a bit about banning cars only on Monday or Tuesday and so on in a given time of the day? CERTAIN , Moreover, public transport need some changes in a better way to make it a solutions that works better., The subway is unbelievably crazy at rush hours? Don't you think if more people had to use it would be even more difficult? (OBLIGED), It is why more lanes beside the current transportation system would be needed and we should have more bike lanes and it would call for a bike-sharing system too. (EXPANDING, VITAL), If we don't do these things, it would have really bad follow-ups. (FAIL), I want to conclude, and let you know again that certain amount of ban on cars would be really good for the people who live here and also for the city as it is. (PARTIAL), Yours, Mr X.





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