True: The paintings might have had spiritual meaning., There are about 1000 abstract signs / shapes in Lascaux Cave., The hands are displayed with splayed hands., These caves decorations are back to 15.000 to 40.000 years., Bodily parts were frostbit and amputate even back to those ancient times., 50% of the babies died before they reached the age 5., Hands of ancient times are indistinguishable from the ones of our times., The cave is closed in order to preserve it for the future., Breathing of humans led to the growth of mold and lichens., False: The paintings couldn't have any practical background., The hands displayed can be seen with closed fingers., You can see these hand shapes only in Europe., Amputations that time were not really common., 50% of the ladies died at childbirth., It can't happen that hands were painted as they were the most convenient models for the painters as they always came handy.., There are always the positives of the hands that were painted., The breathing of the visitors led to the growth of mold and lichens., Lascaux II resembles the original cave in a small extent., All the guys who discovered the cave back to 1940 devoted their lives to the protection of the cave.,

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