1) At Halloween if the candle in your lantern goes out a) the spirit is awaken and around b) your dead relative will come back c) you will have bad luck d) you can talk to the spirit 2) You make me blue- means: a) I have food poisoning b) You make me feel angry c) You make me sick d) You make me feel sad 3) How about going for a bike ride? a) Sounds like good b) Sounds like a plen c) Sounds fun d) Gut idea 4) Which one is not only vegetables a) lettuce, onion, mushrooms, pumpkins b) Peppers, cabbage, cucumber, carrots c) Potatoes, garlic, celery, radish d) olives, broccoli, cucumber, garlic 5) Which one is the most popular in Hungary? a) layered cabbage b) stuffed cabbage c) breaded chicken d) grilled mushrooms  6) Which sentence is correct? a) There’s some breads b) There aren’t any onion c) How much screen time ...? d) How many peoples live in your family? 7) Which one is incorrect? a) lay, laid, laid b) fall, fell fallen c) throw, threw, thrown d) write, wrote, writen 8) Which one is correct?  a) Was it raining yesterday? b) Did you had lunch today? c) What did have you to do at the interview? d) I should limit my screen-time?   9) Choose the correct sentence a) Paper is thiner than cardboard. b) Snakes are scarier then spiders c) Ferraris are far more expensive than Opels. d) Deserts are dryer than rainforests. 10) Which sentence is incorrect? a) There'll be a storm tomorrow, I think. b) I'm going to get a job next year, that's my plan. c) I'm hungry. I'll order a pizza. d) My Dad is going to be 45 next year. 11) You find statements about a gap year. Which one is not true? a) E. Anna would love to work with children b) G. Anna would love to work with children in Germany. c) Bari wouldn't mind taking some physical challenge like working in construction. d) David would love to do an office job. 12) Which one is not true?  a) Zsolti enjoys being close to nature. b) Kristóf would like to earn some money as working for Lidl c) Ádám is planning to work with his I.T skills d) Hajni's ambition to take 3 languages exams by the end of year 12. 13) Which one is true? a) Máté is planning to move to the USA and work as a waiter. b) Patrick would like to rent a flat with his cousins when studying at university. c) Petra's future ambition is to become marketing director. 14) Which on is true? a) Vicky's planning to work in a bar in her gap year. b) Zalán's ambiton is to work in Japan on a conservation project- saving whales c) Zsófi would love to spend her gap year in Madrid, Spain. 15) Which statement is relevant?  A gap year is a period of life between school and university when you a) you can earn some skills b) you can improve your personal skills and get new experiences. c) learn a new degree d) party non-stop with your new friends, sponsored by your parents. 16) Which one is not formal? a) I am writing to apply for.. b) I have pretty much experience of dealing with people c) I include my contact details d) I believe I have all the necessary qualities. 17) Hey Teacher! How are you feeling after having created this Quiz? a) exhausted b) contented and tired c) no big deal, it's a piece of cake d) bored to death




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