1) - What's the problem, ma'am? - Somebody _____ my clothes and bag when I ____ in the sea! a) taked, was b) taken, were c) took, been d) took, was 2) - When _____ ? - I _____ for a swim at 11 o'clock. I ____ in the water very long, about 15 minutes. a) did it happen, went, wasn't b) it happened, gone, wasn't c) did it happened, went, didn't be d) did it happen, goed, didn't be 3) - _____ the person who ___ your things? - No, when I _____ out of the water, my bag ____ there. a) Did you saw, took, comed, wasn't b) Did you saw, taken, came, wasn't c) Did you see, took, came, wasn't d) Did you see, took, came, didn't be 4) - What _____ in your bag, ma'am? Anything valuable?   a) did you had b) had you c) were you had d) did you have 5) - Yes, my mobile, credit cards... Oh, I _____ it _____ a bad idea to leave my bag on the beach. a) knowed, was b) knew, was c) known, been d) knew, were




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