1) - Ruth! You're back! _____ a good time? - No. It ____ awful. a) Did you had, was b) Had you, was c) Did you have, been d) Did you have, was 2) -Why? -We ____ in a really basic apartment, and Tom ____ the city was dangerous at night, so we _____ out much in the evening. a) stood, thought, didn't went b) staied, thinked, didn't go c) stayed, thought, didn't go d) stayed, thaught, not went 3) - What _____ during the day? _____ sightseeing? a) did you did, Did you went b) did you do, Did you go c) did you, you went d) you did, went you 4) - Yes, we _____ all the famous places. But we ______ a lot of money on food and we _____ a lot about it. a) visited, spended, argued b) visitted, spent, argued c) visited, spent, arguded d) visited, spent, argued 5) Tom ____ very expensive souvenirs for all his family! I ______ anything! a) bought, didn't bought b) boght, didn't buy c) bought, didn't buy d) bought, not bought




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