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jar - There's a ____ of mayonnaise in the fridge if you want some., lid - I can't get the ____ off the honey. It's stuck., can - Do you want a ____ of Coke or do you prefer Fanta?, packet - Shall we get a ____ of my favourite biscuits?, plastic bags - Most supermarkets don't give away ____ any more - they charge for them., carton - Please don't drink milk out of the ____. Use a glass!, tin - Paolo cut himself really badly when he was opening a ____ of tuna., sell-by date - Is this yoghurt safe to eat? The ____ says 16th of July!, bin - We have a special ____ in the kitchen where we put all our polystyrene trays and plastic., dustmen - What day of the week do the ____ come to take away your rubbish?, waste-paper basket - The ____ in my office is always full. I never remember to empty it!, tub - A: Is there an ice cream left? B: There's a whole new ____ in the freezer., wrapper - Don't drop that sweet ____ on the floor, Kristie. I've just finished tidying!, give away - I usually ____ my old clothes to Oxfam - it's a charity that works in developing countries., cardboard boxes - Have you got any ____? We're moving house next week and we need then to pack things in., take out - You look exhausted. I'll ____ the rubbish tonight. You stay there and relax., throw away - If you want to change your mobile phone, don't ____ it ____ - give it to someone., reapply - This new lipstick lasts for eight hours. You don't have to ____ it., rethink - If it rains tomorrow, we'll have to ____ our idea of going to the beach., reuse - Some people say you shouldn't ____ plastic water bottles because they contain dangerous chemicals.,

Rubbish and recycling


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