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1) What is the most recent period of time on the GTS? (Hint: We live in this era.) a) Mesozoic b) Paleozoic c) Cenozoic 2) This is the longest unit of geologic time. a) Epoch b) Eon c) Period 3) Which era is known as the age of invertebrates? a) Early Paleozoic b) Early Mesozoic c) Early Cenozoic 4) Which is not a mass extinction event? a) Meteorite collision  b) Severe hurricane c) Volcanic activity  5) Which is the correct order of eras , from oldest to youngest? a) Cenozoic , Mesozoic , Paleozoic b) Paleozoic , Mesozoic ,Cenozoic c) Mesozoic ,Cenozoic , Paleozoic 6) Which event produces mountains ? a) breakup of Pangaea  b) flooding of the continents  c) collisions of continents 7) What event marks the end of each geologic period? a) mass extinction b) ice age c) burst of new life forms 8) What was Pangaea? a) the original name for North America b) a large, single supercontinent c) a type of trilobite 9) Which animal was common during the Mesozoic Era before it became extinct due to a mass extinction? a) fish b) humans c) dinosaurs 10) Order the units of geologic time from largest to smallest. a) epoch, eon, era, period b) eon, era, epoch, period c) eon, era, period, epoch

Geologic Time Scale Pre-Test


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