run-down - 1 The roof is falling off and the windows are broken. The old house looks very __________., off the beaten track - 2 It’s hard to find the little villa in the countryside because it’s__________., packed - 3 You can hardly move during carnival time because the streets are absolutely__________., diverse - 4 There are many different nationalities living there, so the culture is very__________., side by side - 5 Huge skyscrapers stand __________ with tiny wooden houses., vast - 6 The Sahara Desert is 9,100,000 square kilometres. It’s absolutely__________., tranquil - 7 We’re going to spend a __________ few days camping, far from the noisy city., unspoilt  - 8 The town remains __________, even though there are lots of tourists now. It hasn’t changed at all.,

NTE A 2.3 Vocabulary | adjectives to describe places


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