1) This word is a sharp pull. a) thing b) yank c) gong 2) This is a color. a) wink b) chunk c) pink 3) This is an animal a) mink b) bunk c) honk 4) These let you breathe. a) thanks b) tanks c) lungs 5) The barn owl's ______span was quite long. a) wing b) sang c) song d) sung 6) It is important to keep ________________water every day. a) singing b) drinking c) blinking 7) It can be hard to keep ______________________ for a long time. a) stinging b) spending c) standing 8) ______________________ water on a chromebook is not good. a) shrinking b) spilling c) singing 9) The light kept _________________________. a) flashing b) shrinking c) singing 10) Students __________________________ is the best. a) shrinking b) singing c) winking




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