1) The turtle walks very... a) slow b) slowly 2) She is a very ... student a) well b) good 3) He eats really ... a) unhealthily b) unhealthy 4) They finished the exercise ... a) easy b) easily 5) She's very ... with her sister a) careful b) carefully 6) I didn't notice it was late. Time passed so... a) quickly b) quick c) fastly d) fast 7) I think she sings very ... a) good b) well c) goodly 8) I like wearing ... clothes a) casually b) casual 9) If you don't drive ..., our ride will be really ... a) careful / dangerous b) carefully / dangerously c) carefully /dangerous d) careful / dangerously 10) She faced the policeman ... a) bravely b) brave 11) ....., he helped the lady with her shopping a) Kind b) Kindly 12) The boy next door isn't very... a) politely b) polite




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