1) Who can you see at a birthday party? a) balloons b) cake c) presents or gifts d) ice cream e) friends f) music/dancing 2) What can you eat at birthday party? a) streamers b) cups c) birthday cake d) radio/music e) ice cream f) candles 3) What can be on top of a birthday cake? a) friends b) puppy c) gift/present d) chair e) cell phone f) candles 4) What can float and you can it blow it up and pop it? a) basketball b) ice cream c) apple d) balloons e) kitten f) pillow 5) What do people bring the birthday boy/girl? a) beach b) door c) law mower d) couch e) gifts/presents f) refrigerator 6) What can you listen to at a birthday party? a) toy dinosaur b) music c) vacuum cleaner d) candles e) water bottle f) watermelon




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