vain - she always looks at herself in every mirror she passes, conscientious - she takes care to do things carefully and correctly, open-minded - she is prepared to accept new and different ideas, insincere - she doesn't say what she really thinks, eccentric - other people often find her different or unusual, easy-going - she is fairly relaxed about most things, well-balanced - she is emotionally in control, not moody, stubborn - she never changes her opinion even when she's clearly wrong, assertive - she expresses her ideas or opinions with confidence, cheerful - she is always in a good mood, self-confident - she feels sure about her ability to do things, insecure - she isn't very sure about herself, ambitious - she is determined to be successful, loyal - he supports his friends, wise - he's good at giving people advice because of his knowledge and experience, calm - he keeps his head in crisis, possessive - she doesn't let other people share her friends, reserved - she doesn't show her feeling or express her opinions, immature - he behaves like a child, impulsive - he acts without thinking, bad-tempered - he gets angry easily, arrogant - he thinks he is better and more important than other people, optimistic - he expects good things to happen, funny - he has a great sense of humour,

New English File Upper-intermediate Unit 1B personality





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