1) What is the capital of Australia? a) Wellington b) Canberra c) Sydney d) Melbourne e) Auckland f) Rio de Janeiro 2) The population of New Zealand is ............... than the population of Sydney. a) larger b) smaller c) taller d) shorter e) the smallest f) the largest 3) What is the nickname for New Zealanders? a) Maoris b) Indians c) All Blacks d) Kiwis e) Aboriginals f) Toucan 4) What can't you do in Egypt? a) go camel riding b) go sightseeing c) go on a cruise down the Nile d) visit Skytower e) visit Pyramids and Sphinx f) stay in a hotel 5) What you cannot do in Brazil? a) Swim in the Amazon. b) Drink coffee. c) see Indians in the rainforest. d) Go sunbathing to the beach. e) Go on a sightseeing f) Go to the Carnaval. 6) What is the official language in Brazil? a) Mexican b) American English c) Spanish d) French e) Portuguese f) Brazilian




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