1) What did Jill and Dennis want to make? a) jello b) muffin c) nutmeg d) picnic 2) Where did they have to go to get the muffin mix? a) shop b) Store c) Walmart d) Kroger 3) What kind of muffin mix did Jill want to buy? a) jello b) muffin mix without nutmeg c) muffin mix with nutmeg d) jumbo bag 4) What else did Jill buy? a) jello b) mix c) muffins d) picnic 5) When everything was ready, where did they plan to go? a) the hill b) a picnic c) To a sunset d) To the shop 6) Why do you think they wanted to see the sunset? a) to see it set b) to see the sun c) to see the colors

Jill and Dennis Make a Muffin: Book 28 (Closed/Open two Syllable words) Orton Gillingham




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