1) What is a community of organisms interacting with their physical environment? a) Ecosystem b) Social c) Habitat d) Environment 2) Saltwater habitats have a higher level of what than freshwater habitats? a) Water b) Salinity c) Altitude d) Volume 3) A(n)______ is at the top of its food chain with no natural enemies? a) T-rex b) Decomposer c) Apex predator d) Producer 4) What is the special job of an organism in its environment? a) Altitude b) Instinct c) Job d) Niche 5) A plant only eating animal is a what? a) On a diet b) Herbivore c) Carnivore d) Salads 6) What describes the weather conditions an area receives over time? a) Climate b) Weather man c) Atmosphere d) Rain 7) Grazers and browsers are ______ of grasslands habitats. a) Scavengers b) Carnivores c) Herbivores d) Prey 8) What acts like an umbrella in a rain forest , keeping much sunlight and rain from reaching the forest floor? a) Umbrella b) Emergent layer c) Understood layer d) Canopy layer 9) The Altitude at which trees do not grow is called the? a) Permafrost b) Tree line c) Ozone d) Nozone 10) What is the very bottom layer of the forest? a) Forest floor b) Ground zero c) Canopy layer d) Atmosphere 11) What is a fertile place in the desert where there is water? a) Permafrost b) Abyss c) Tundra d) Oasis 12) Subsoil that is frozen year-round is called_______? a) Emergent layer b) Deep freeze c) Permafrost d) Cold 13) Some _______ animals burrow to manage in the extreme temperatures. a) Desert b) Cold c) Big d) Wild 14) What has the highest biodiversity of any land habitat? a) Mountains b) Tundra c) Desert d) Rainforest 15) Why is the Tundra treeless land? a) Rain-less b) Permafrost c) Dry d) Swamp 16) A ______ animal is active at night. a) Nocturnal b) Night owl c) Tropical d) Apex predator 17) An animal that hibernate does not need to __________ when seasons change. a) Noncturnal b) Sleep c) Eat d) Migrate 18) The Afrocan savanna is considered a _______ grassland. a) Desert b) Temperate c) Biodome d) Coniferous




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