The upset was on the swingset. We were in a game of ____, when my pal, Wing, said, "Let's ____ hangman and go on the ____." I said, "Ok, but Mustang, my dog, will bite if he sits by the ____." We kept Mustang ____. While on the swingset, I did spot Mang, the cat, run by Mustang. Mustang did ____ and run. CRASH! Mustang ran to the swingset. "No, ____!", I had to yell. It was too late. Mustang bit Wing in the ____. Wing was so ____. Mom ran to grab Mustang and bring him inside. Wing did not have a bad ____. I felt bad that Wing got bit by Mustang. Wing went ____. I hope Wing will come to the swingset on some ____, but I will not let Mustang sit at the swingset.




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