I´m tired __ listening to my sister. She complains about her boyfriend all the time, Katy´s worried __ her end-of-year exams. She thinks she´s going to fail, The waiter was so rude __ us that we didn´t leave a tip, They´re not very pleased __ their new car. It´s broken down three times in one month, My mum´s been married __ my stepfather for 20 years, Tom´s interested __ joining the army because he wants to see the world, Are you excited __ moving house next year?, That man over there reminds me __ my first boyfriend, Are you looking forward __ meeting him?, I´d like to go with you on holiday, but it depends __ how much it will cost, Recent studies show that drinking mango juice is good __ your immune system, You´ll have to choose __ this one and that one. You can´t have both, My sister and I get on really well and hardly ever argue __ anything , I apologized __ the teacher __ being late, What time does your plane arrive __ Brussels?, Who does this book belong __? Is it yours, Sarah?, Is Carl still angry __ Monica __ what happened at the party?, You should be kinder __ your brother. After all, you are the oldest!, I never have to ask anybody __ directions anymore, now that I have a satnav, He´s the first person in his family to go to univsersity, so his parents are really proud __ him.

English File Intermediate (unit 3b communicative) Dependent prepositions






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