What special dishes do you eat on holidays?, What food do you hate? Why do you hate it?, What is the most expensive restaurant you have ever been to?, Is there any food you didn't eat as a child but you eat now?, Do you drink tea every day?, What have you eaten so far today?, Do you drink milk every day?, How often do you go drinking? What's your favourite drink?, Do you eat fruit every day? Did you drink coffee this morning?, What do you eat for breakfast every day?, Did you eat lunch today?, What is the food you like about your country?, At what times do you usually eat your meals?, How many meals do you usually eat every day?, Do you like to try new food and drinks?, Are you a good cook?, How often do you eat in a restaurant?, What are some foods that you know are healthy for your body?, What is the most unusual thing you've ever eaten? Did it taste good or bad?, Have you ever been on a diet?, Do you prefer fish or meat?, Which food can you cook the best?, Do you like to eat at fast food restaurants?, Do you eat bread every day?, What is your favourite dessert?.




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