Meg's mom, Mrs. Bluff was going to get a ____ ring as a gift for Meg. The ____ gold ring was at Mr. Smith's shop. She went to pick up the ring, and got into a big ____. Her van hit a post, and she could not get to the shop by six. If she did not get there on time, the ring could be ____. Mr. Smith said he would ____ the ring until six. When she got to the ____, Mr. Smith was still there. He said, "I am so glad ____ are here, I still have your pretty ring, the gold one with the red stone. Do you still ____ it.?" Mrs. Bluff said, Yes, I do want it. I am so ____ it has not been sold. Meg will like this gold ring so much." Meg was so glad to get the pretty gold ring. It was the best ____!




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