Je: I ate a huge cookie today, I washed my hair with toothpaste, I'm going to watch some YouTube now, Tu: Hello, friend. , Little sister, did you eat my chocolate ice cream?, Neighbor friend, do you want to make a mud pie?, Happy Birthday, grandma!, Il: Jack is really driving me crazy, Dr. Shepard is weird, Frank ate all of the beans, Elle: Janice likes to bake cookies, Jessica is on the volleyball team, Claudia is staring at me again, Nous: The dog and I are having a staring contest, Naomi and I are going to have a pillow fight, Nadia, Delia, Sophie, and I baked a cake, Vous: Dr. Finley, I like your shirt, Hey, you guys--let me sleep!, Pleased to meet you, sir boss., Ils: Jack and Bob stole my car!, Jack and Jill went up the hill!, Eleanor, Rodney, Sarah, and Beatrice ate all of the pizza, Elles: Mom and Grandma left to buy me an airplane, Serena and Blair flew first class to Paris, The girls are getting on my nerves!,




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