all of a sudden - very quickly, bright - full of light, shining, hover - to stay in one place in the air, usually by moving the wings quickly, in the distance - at a point that is far away, grab - to take hold of something or someone suddenly, disappoint - to make someone feel unhappy, obvious - easy to see, recognize, or understand, huge - extremely large in size or amount, metal - a chemical element, such as iron or gold, that is generally hard and strong, deafening - extremely loud, manage to - to succeed in doing or dealing with something, unfortunately - used to say that something is sad, disappointing, blurred - difficult to see, mystery - something strange or not known that has not yet been explained or understood, solve - to find an answer to a problem, clue - a sign or some information that helps you to find the answer to a problem, question, or mystery:, at the time - at the particular point when something was thought of or done, notice - to see something or someone, evidence - anything that helps to prove that something is or is not true, prove - to show that something is true, issue - a magazine or newspaper printed for a particular day, week, or month,




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