Characterization - When the author describes the character based on 6 aspects - what they think, feel, say, do, what others say, how they look, Conflict can be... - Internal OR external, Internal Conflict - The character struggles with their thoughts & feelings, External Conflict - The character struggles against another person or society, government, nature, techonolgy, Flashback - A memory from the past that shows why the character is the way they are. , Foreshadowing - The author gives clues to what events & conflicts happen later in the story., Imagery - The author uses words to help the reader visualize what is happening in the story by connecting to the 5 senses., Irony - When something happens that contrasts/is the opposite of what is expected/or someone says something that's the opposite of what they mean, Mood - The emotion the author wants the reader to feel based on setting, Tone - The character's attitude about the topic, Allusion - A reference to a person, idea, or story that is well-known in a current culture to make a point, Metaphor - Compares two unlike things without like or as, Personification - When an object or something non-human is given human-like characteristics, Simile - Compares two unlike things using like or as, Symbolism - A message or idea represented in words, a visual image, or some living thing,




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