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1) I'm a widow. My husband ... last year due to a heart disease. 2) One day, while cleaning Paul's room, Helen ... his diary and started reading it. 3) Now there are too many powerful people that ... the work of others. 4) William hopes Rose never ... the real reason he asked her to marry him. 5) We've got a team of experts working on the problem - let's wait and see what they ... 6) The famous actress had to ... countless attacks on her reputation from popular newspapers. 7) If my instructions had been ..., the accident would not have happened. 8) The nearest common ancestor of man and the modern great apes ... about 30 million years ago. 9) We moved around a lot when I was young but we ... in London. 10) We were all ... by the stunning girl's story, and we gave her all the money we had with us. 11) Mrs Gilbert ... anyone who doesn't have a very well- paid job and a mansion. 12) Anyone who goes swimming beyond the reef has to ... for sharks.


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