Carbohydrates - Provide the body with quick energy, Proteins - Builds muscles, facilitates chemical reactions , Nucleic Acid - Stores hereditary information, involved in protein synthesis , Lipids - Stores energy in the form of fat, Fatty acid - Monomer of Lipids, Amino Acids - Monomer of a protein, Nucleotides - Monomer of a nucleic acid, Monosaccharide - Monomer of carbohydrates, Enzymes - Speed up chemical reactions by lowering the activation energy, Substrate - Activates the enzyme, Activation energy - Energy needed to start the chemical reaction, monomer - Building block of an amino acid , polymer - More than one monomer bonded together , hydrolysis - Breaking down polymers into monomers, Condensation - Building polymers by joining monomers together, CHO - Elements found in Lipids and Carbohydrates , CHON  - Elements found in proteins, CHONP - Elements found in Nucleic Acids ,




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