1) The black car was driving __________________ than the red car. a) careful b) more carefully c) carefully d) carelessly 2) Beyoncé is a good singer but I think Adele sings _________________ a) good than her. b) better than her. c) worse than her. d) gooder than her. 3) Old people can forget things___________ than young people. a) easily b) slowly c) more easily d) more easy 4) This year, I speak English __________than last year. a) the most fluently b) more fluently c) fluently d) fluent 5) In the finals, our team played __________ than our opponent and we became the champions! a) better b) the best c) worse d) good 6) Ana is behaving even ________ than yesterday.  a) the worse b) worse c) the worst d) the best 7) The tree that we planted in the garden grew ________than our house! a) higher b) the highest c) highly d) high 8) Who do you think works _________? Teachers or students? a) hard b) harder c) more harder d) hardly 9) Cheetahs run ___________ than lions. a) fastest b) faster c) the fastest d) fast 10) My little brother is only two years old but he speaks ___________ than our father. a) loud b) louder c) loudest d) the loudest 11) Max studied _____________ than Luke. a) harder b) most hard c) hard d) the hardest 12) Everyone in the race ran fast but Nancy ran ___________ me! a) faster b) faster than c) fast d) the fastest 13) Everyone lined up quietly, but my cousins class lined up ______________. a) quieter b) guietest c) more quietly d) most quietly 14) I usually paint carefully, but I paint even ______________ when I use watercolors a) carefullier b) carefullest c) more carefully d) most carefully




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