Parasitism: A mosquito bites a humans arm. The mosquito gets a benefit the human is harmed. , A flea lives on a bites a cat. The flea gets food the cat gets hurt because it is itchy and could get diseases., A relationship where one organism benefits and the other is harmed. , Mutualism: A bee pollinates a flower. Both organisms benefit., A clownfish lives inside an anenome. The clownfish is protected from predators and the anenome gets food. Both benefit., An organism where one organism gets a benefit and the other organism gets a benefit. , Commensalism: A barnacle attaches itself to the bottom of a whale. The barnacle gets the benefit of a place to live the whale is not helped or harmed. , A remora fish swims underneath a shark. The fish gets food to eat by eating the "crumbs" left by the shark. The shark is not affected by the fish. , A relationship where one organism gets a benefit and the other is not helped or harmed (unaffected). ,




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