science fiction - a film about th future, life on other planets or space travel, costume drama - a film about a particular time of history, in which people wear clothes from that time, documentary - a film about facts, about real events and real people, romantic comedy - a love story that makes you laugh, romance - a film about love, comedy - an amusing film that makes you laugh, animated films - a film in which e.g. drawings, puppets or clay models seem to be moving, horror - a frightening film, often full of ghosts, vampires, monsters and blood and gore, cartoon - a film made by using a series of drawings, western - a film about life in the American west (frontier), full of cowboys and indians, action film - an exciting film full of dangerous events in which people fight and chase each other, nature film - a film about animals or plants, usually showing them in their natural habitat, thriller - a film about excitement, suspense and mystery, adventure film - an exciting film in which dangerous and unusual things happen, often in exotic locations,




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