I'm sorry. Pardon me., I'm sorry, I don't understand., I have no idea., How do you say 'chair' in Hungarian?, Can I ask something?, Thank you., I'm a foreigner. , Slower, please!, What does 'Bocsánat!' mean?, I don't speak Hungarian., I don't know., You are welcome., There you go., Is everything clear?, I'm 42 years old., My address is 42 Lajos Kossuth Street., My number is 003620435568, My mother tongue is German., I'm learning Hungarian because my husband is Hungarian., I'm from Berlin., I live in Budapest., I kiss you. (Greeting used by children to greet elderly), I can speak a little Russian. , I can speak German quite well., And you ? (formal), And you ? (informal), How old are you?, What time is it?, Where do you live?, Good night! , Good evening!, Good afternoon!, Good morning!, I kiss your hand. (greeting used by men to greet women), I'm an engineer., Maybe. It's possible., Are you from London?, Why are you learning Hungarian?, What nationality are you?, What language do you speak?, I'm Schmidt Mariann., Very nice to meet you., I don't know., No problem., I live in Szeged., I'm from Szeged., What do you think? Is Éva magyar?, I think so. , I don't think so. , I don't think so, either. , Hello. Hi. or Good bye.  (informal singular), Hi. or Good bye. (informal plural), Are you Éva Kiss?, Really?, Good bye. Bye. .


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