1) What is POSTURE? a) The ability to explain your topic well. b) How straight you stand. c) How clear you speak. d) How fast or slow you speak. 2) All are examples of VISUAL AIDS EXCEPT.... a) posters b) Slideshow c) mask d) notecards 3) What is RATE? a) How fast or slow you speak. b) Looking out and around the audiance. c) How clear your words are. d) Using realia to aid in your presentation. 4) Which is a recommended strategy in eye contact? a) Look at posters in left, center, and right of room b) Staring directly in peoples' eyes. c) Looking at corners of only the left and right of room d) Looking at your two best friends the whole time 5) What is CONTENT? a) How loud or soft your voice is. b) How many visual aids you use. c) How you look out and around the room. d) How well you explain your topic. 6) What is Clarity? a) How creative you make each Slide. b) How fast or slow you speak. c) How clear your voice is. d) Your abilty to stand up straight. 7) All of the following are strategies of an ENTERTAINING SLIDE EXCEPT... a) Using color to make your words POP! b) Font sized at least 20 c) Using bullet points instead of full sentences d) Having at least 4 images/gifs on a slide 8) Which should descibe your Vocal Expression during a presentation? a) Scared b) Confused c) Bored d) Interested 9) What is an example of Preparedness? a) Getting work turned in late b) Getting work turned in on time c) Giving excuses that you were quarantined d) Giving excuses you were tired from gaming 10) What does PACING mean? a) Going to sleep and waking up refreshed. b) Going to Dutch Bros for another coffee. c) Doing a bit each day so you don't get stressed. d) Doing a lot the night before, which stresses you out 11) Acting out a scene WITHOUT sound is... a) Visual AId b) Low Volume c) Pantomime d) Rate 12) What does GESTURE mean? a) Using body language to send a message. b) Using volume to create power. c) Using clarity and rate in a speech. d) Using Slideshows for creativity. 13) Which one is NOT an example of a PROP? a) Holding the movie DVD up during Favorite Movie speech b) Holding a wand when speaking about a Harry Potter Book c) wearing a doctor's coat in a speech about a career d) Speaking in a loud, clear voice. 14) Where can you find the daily assignments in Mrs. Ball's class? a) on the Bookshelf in OTUS b) on the Classboard in OTUS c) in Lessons in OTUS d) in Assessments in OTUS 15) Why does Mrs. Ball use MENTIMETER.com? a) she wants to know the class' opinion on somethin b) she wants your deepest secrets c) she is hungy for a Double Double from In 'N Out d) she needs you to quote from text 16) What do we BLOG? a) About our favorite Boba tea b) the Quick Writes in the drama spiral c) The Cornell Notes d) The directions for each unit 17) Which is NOT included in your Cornell Notes? a) using the term in a sentence b) an image/picture of each term c) a definition of each term d) a term 18) Which presentation had you interviewing a classmate? a) The Mask. b) The Newscast. c) The Performer Presentation. d) The Drama Locker 19) What was NOT required in the commercials? a) an jingle or catchy phrase b) a script c) a clown with a chainsaw. d) stating where you can buy the product 20) Which is NOT a way to be creative? a) using Google images b) inserting a gif/video on a Slide c) complaining that you are not artistic d) using POPS of color on a slide with bullet points 21) Why is intoduction to drama such an important class? a) It will prepare you to become a math teacher. b) It will get you a role in a movie! c) Communicating is so important in life! d) It will make your confidence go down. 22) Which was NOT a role in the Newscast? a) a Devious Lickster messing up the bathrooms b) a sport commentator c) a meteorologist. d) an anchor. 23) All were graded on in Read Alouds EXCEPT... a) artwork b) volume c) clarity d) rate 24) Which was NOT a category in the PERFORMER presentation? a) musician b) athlete c) actor d) social media influencer 25) What are SHOUT OUTS used for in the quick writes? a) to give props to those who go above and beyond b) to encourage those who won't get up and present c) to use your volume to shout our the answer d) to share out what challenges you had in the presentation




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