1) PARRAFIN: Suzy was making jam. When she finished filling the jars and putting on the lids, she used paraffin to make sure no air would enter the jar. a) juice from fruit b) wax used for sealing c) paper d) hot water 2) GARGANTUAN: The fifty pound pumpkin was gargantuan in size.  a) small b) huge c) average d) colorful 3) GARRULOUS: The garrulous boy rambled on continuously as he told his mother about his day at school. a) talkative b) secrative c) crazy d) quiet 4) POINTER: The pointer stopped, and quietly stared ahead when he heard the sound of the rabbit. a) a teacher b) to have point in discussion c) a hunting dog d) to use a finger 5) EMBALMING: The mummies of Egypt are very old. So people think the Egyptians had special ways of embalming. Actually, it was the dry air that helped them preserve the dead. a) making pyramids b) keeping the dead from decaying c) keeping things alive d) keeping things from smelling bad




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