captain - In soccer or basketball, it's the most responsible player on the team, court - You can play tennis and basketball on this, diving - it is aSport where you jump head first into a pool, track - It's a course used for running or horse racing, spectators - The people who go and watcha sports event, hockey - It's a sport you can play on ice or grass, warm up - Before you do any kind of exercise, it's very important to do this, get injured - When this happens to you, you may have to go to the hospital., stadium - Fenway Park and Wrigley Field are both famous examples of this., tie - It's a verb that describes when two teams have the same score at the end of a game, referee - It's the person who calls a penalty in a football game., golf - In this sport you go around a course of 9 or 18 holes., work out - It's a phrasal verb that means "go to a gym and exercise.", train - It's what professional athletes do every day., win - It's the opposite of "lose.", players - There are 11 on a team in a soccer game, but only 9 in a baseball game, kick - It means to hit e.g. a ball with your foot, coach - It's the name of the person who gives instructions to the members of a team, but who doesn't play, fan - It's a person who cheers for a team., sports arena - It's where you play indoor sports.,





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