1) We completely lost the track of time, we were chatting _________ early in the morning. a) until b) even though c) due to d) because of 2) She likes all kinds of music _________ heavy metal. That she hates. a) due to b) until c) despite d) except 3) He failed the exam _________ he studied all week. I guess it's just a matter of luck sometimes. a) because b) even though c) until d) while 4) She still had a wonderful time at the party _________ having to go home early a) despite b) thanks to c) due to d) by 5) I had to stay at home _________ getting seriously ill overnight. a) despite b) thanks to c) until d) due to 6) I survived only _________ your brother calling for help. a) until b) thanks to c) even though d) due to 7) You are not allowed to use your mobile phone _________ class. a) during b) while c) until d) despite 8) I told you that this homework should be done _________ Monday, not the next day! a) during b) except c) by d) while 9) There were so many people in the shopping centre _________ the big pre-Christmas sales. a) despite b) by c) even though d) because of 10) We had to go back home _________ we got hit by a cyclist _________ we were crossing the road. a) despite; when b) because of; while c) because; until d) because; while




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