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1) Tim / in a bank. a) work b) works c) is work d) working 2) We usually / our grandparents at the weekend. a) visit b) are visiting c) visiting d) visits 3) He / late in this period and that's really annoying! a) is always come b) always comes c) always come d) is always coming 4) What time / the film / ? a) is - starting b) do - start c) does - start d) does - starts 5) The Earth / around the Sun a) go b) going c) is going d) goes 6)  We / our grandparents this weekend.  a) visit b) are visiting c) visiting d) visits 7) The bus / right now. a) leaves b) is leaving c) leave d) leaving 8) I / up at seven o'clock every morning. a) get b) am getting c) getting d) gets 9) What time / you / to work in the mornings? a) are - going b) are - go c) does - go d) do - go 10) Why / you / ? a) are - crying b) do - cry c) is - crying d) are - cry 11) Listen! He / music! a) does play b) plays c) is playing d) like 12) He / two or three concerts every week. a) give b) gives c) is giving d) gave 13) They / at an expensive hotel this week. a)  are staying b) is staying c) stay d) do staying 14) I always / tennis on fridays / this friday I / home. a) plays - and - stays b) play - but - am staying c) play - and - am staying d) plays - but _ is staying 15) They hardly ever / tv but in these days they / TV / than before. a) watch - are watch - more  b) watch - watching - more c) watch - are watching - more d) watching - are watching - more 16) She / the newspaper during breakfast. a) always read b) reads always c) always reads d) read always 17) He / tired. a) is never b) never is c) isn't never d) never isn't 18) Next week, my friends and I / camping /. a) is going - in the woods b) go - in the city c) are going - in the woods d) goes - in the woods 19) She / time with her grandmother lately. a) isn't spending b) is spinding c) spends d) isnt spending 20) They usually / to the gym on Sundays. a) are going b) go c) goes d) aren't going 21) She can't answer the phone, she / a shower. a) is doing b) does c) is having d) has 22) I / a coffee before I / for work this morning. a) 'm having - 'm leaving b) always have - leave c) 'm having - leave d) always have - 'm leaving 23) Where are you? a) I sit outside in the sunshine. b) Fine, thank you c) I'm sitting outside in the sunshine! d) I'm Denise 24) I / a coffee before I / for work in the morning. a) 'm having - 'm leaving b) always have - leave c) 'm having - leave d) always have - 'm leaving 25) It / . We can play outside. a) rains b) is raining c) isn't raining d) doesn't rain 26) Shhh! The children / for a test! a) are sleeping b) are studying c) sleep d) study 27) We / meat every day. a) does b) don't eat c) aren't eat d) don't like 28) Mr H is a teacher. He / in a hospital. a) is working b) work c) isn't work d) doesn't work 29) / to music at the moment? a) Are they listening b) is she listen c) do they listen d) do they listening 30) We usually / a big breakfast. a) say b) have c) like d) drink




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