Find out more about animals - 50 % off all items. - zoo shop - great prices on animal books, This activity is for a small group of people - Meet the penguins ! 2pm / 6pm - only 6 tickets available for each time, For this price , you can get close to some animals. - Spend a day with elephants or giraffes - £85 - Adults only , It is not possible to see these animals today - Monkey house closed until next june, Do not frighten these animals please ! - Fish from south America - children please do not hit the glass !, This place isn't for adults or teenagers - Playground - For children aged 3-11 . £2.50 per child, There are two ways to get information about this . - Birthday parties at the zoo . - For prices visit reception or go online, This rule is to ensure your safety - Standing or climbing on the zoo walls is dangerous .,

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