1) a person or organisation acting in behalf of another a) arbitration b) enforceable c) proxy d) title 2) to be covered ... a) out of the law b) into the law c) to the law d) under the law 3) make public; to reveal a) lay bare b) bombshell c) convey d) recollections 4) conciliatory ... a) speech b) task c) question d) tone 5) wholeheartedly dedicated a) replacement b) inclusiveness c) committed d) substitute 6) synonym to claim a) shun b) assert c) help d) switch 7) to end your connection with someone a) cut the cord b) hog the bulk c) buzz out d) squeeze out 8) antonym to thrive a) flourish b) prosper c) blossom d) fail 9) hedge our ... a) beds b) bands c) bets d) belts 10) change the way we behave to suit different conditions or uses a) engage in b) adapt to c) relevant d) throw into disarray





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