1) WHICH WORKING DAY STARTS THE WEEK? a) Tuesday b) Sunday c) Monday d) Friday 2) ON WHICH DAY DOES THE WEEKEND START? a) Wednesday b) Friday c) Monday d) Saturday e) Sunday 3) WHEN DO MOST PEOPLE (BUT SONIA) REST? a) Friday b) Saturday c) Monday d) Tuesday e) Sunday 4) ON WHICH DAY DID JOHN TRAVOLTA ALWAYS HAVE A TEMPERATURE?  a) Friday b) Saturday c) Wednesday d) Sunday e) Saturdey 5) WHICH DAY COMES BEFORE FRIDAY? a) Tuesday b) Saturday c) Thursday d) Sunday 6) WHICH DAY HAS THE WORST SPELLING? a) Friday b) Wensday c) Wednesday d) Thursday e) Welcome f) Monday 7) WHICH IS THE MOST MISTAKEN DAY OF THE WEEK? a) Mars b) Twosday c) Thursday d) Martsday e) Tuesday f) Tusday




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