1) There was a ______ puppy on the porch. a) Fluffy b) Pants 2) Sara told her classmates a _____ joke. a) Tired b) Funny 3) I just ate a _______ apple a) Mean b) Red 4) There are many _____ buildings in the city. a) Tall b) Sleepy 5) Sana bought some ______ cookies to school. a) Chocolate b) Hungry 6) My mom has a ______ car a) blue b) mean 7) This movie is so ______ a) funny b) large 8) The sun is very _______ a) Bright b) dark 9) The _______ sound is not good for our ears. a) Tall b) Loud 10) Tuesday is the _________ day of the week a) second b) hungry 11) _______ boys were at the park today. a) three b) long 12) _______ week I had a test. a) Last b) tomorrow




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