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1) My dad often ... to the cinema a) goes b) go c) is going d) going e) to go 2) In this moment my cousin ... to some music a) listens b) listening c) listen d) is listening e) to listen 3) You ... annoying me! a) is b) are c) be d) are being e) am 4) Your friends ... hard sometimes. a) are working b) to work c) work d) works e) working 5) You ... always ... my key!! a) are / losing b) are / lose c) am / losing d) be / losing e) lose / all 6) ... she beautiful? a) Are b) Is c) Why d) Being e) Am 7) I ... her a lot a) am liking b) liking c) likes d) like e) to like 8) We ... usually ... to the beach a) aren't / going  b) don't / go c) are not / go  d) not / go e) go / not 9) Now you aren't ... to me! a) are listening b) listens c) listen d) to listen e) listening 10) ... you ... rock or pop music? a) Are / preferring b) Do / preferring c) Is / preferring d) Do / prefer  e) Have / prefer 11) They  ... in New York for a few months. a) living b) live c) are living d) is living e) to live 12) Dora ... Harry Potter sometimes. a) is reading b) reading c) read d) am reading e) reads 13) Carlos and Mike ... the train at 8am next week.  a) is taking b) are taking c) take d) takes e) am taking 14) ... I ... my homeworks now? a) Is / doing b) Do / do c) Am / doing d) Are / doing e) Do / study 15) My friend John and I normally ... to play together. a) enjoy b) are enjoying c) enjoying d) happy e) to enjoy

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