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Mouth - The point where the river ends and enters the sea, usually the widest point of the river , Source - The start of the river found in the hills or mountains, Meander - A bend in the river caused by erosion, Oxbow Lake - A body of water, which has become separated from the river, Tributary - The point where a stream or small river meets a larger river, Bridge - A man-made structure, created to allow people and transport to cross the river, Reservoir - A large body of water, where water is stored to be sent to homes, Upper Course - The first part of the river, which is located in the hills and mountains, V-Shaped Valley - The valley formed in the hills by the flowing water at the source., Waterfall - A feature formed through the erosion of soft rock, when the top is hard rock. They are all different heights, Plungepool - The area at the bottom of the waterfall, created due to the impact of the falling water, Deposition - The process of the river dropping it's waste to form beaches. This is due to the water loosing its energy., Alluvium - The name of the material left behind following deposition, Estuary - The area near the mouth of the river where the tide comes in.,

Features of a River


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