1) My sister is ______ than me. a) taller b) more tall c) more taller 2) I think Maths is ______ than PE. a) more easy b) easyer c) easier 3) The blue car is ______ than the red car. a) more fast b) faster c) more faster 4) This soup is _______ than that soup. a) tastiest b) more tasty c) tastier 5) A blue whale is ________ than a dolphin. a) heavier b) most heavier c) more heavy 6) A tiger is _________ than a cat. a) more strong b) stronger c) more stronger 7) Iceland is ____________ than Italy. a) coldest b) colder c) more cold 8) My mum wakes up _________ than me. a) earliest b) more early c) earlier




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