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1) _____ am not happy today. a) I b) We c) She 2) ____ are going to the store. a) We b) They c) It 3) _____ is red and blue. a) They b) We c) It 4) ______ are nice people. a) She b) They c) He 5) My friends and I ate pizza. a) They b) She c) We 6) The dog is so happy to play with the ball. a) It b) They c) I d) a 7) Dana and Sam can't find the remote. a) I b) They c) We 8) Mary has long pretty hair. a) She b) It c) He 9) Timmy and I are best friends a) Me b) We c) They 10) This book is very funny. a) It b) We c) She




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