1) It's cold. a) Close the window. b) Open the window. 2) I'm very hungry. a) Don't eat the soup, please. b) Eat the soup, please. 3) It's so late, I want to sleep. a) Go outside. b) Go to bed. 4) Is this movie good? a) No, it isn't. Watch it. b) No, it isn't. Don't watch it. 5) I don't hear you. a) Speak loudly, please. b) Be quiet, please. 6) I forgot my money! a) Don't worry, I lend you some. b) If you're stressed, I lend you some. 7) It's cold outside. a) Forget your hat. b) Don't forget your hat. 8) I want an ice cream. a) Don't buy it. b) Buy it. 9) It is too loud here. a) Don't turn off the music. b) Turn off the music. 10) I have a headache. a) Don't listen to music. b) Listen to music.




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