1) This doesn’t ____very good. How long did you cook it for? a) taste b) sound 2) I can’t _______these bags much longer – they are very heavy! a) taste b) hold 3) ______ that woman over there – she’s wearing the same dress as you! a) Look at b) Watch 4) Can we ______something else? I’m not a fan of rock music. a) hear b) listen to 5) My jacket ---- wet. Did you leave it out in the rain again? a) feels b) touches 6) Did you ----- Jim yesterday? He wanted to ask you something. a) watch b) see 7) These roses ....... amazing! Where did you buy them? a) taste b) smell 8) Please don’t ------the computer screen. I’ve just cleaned it. a) touch b) feel 9) A: Why didn’t you come out last night? B: Sorry, I was ..... the match on TV. a) watching b) seeing 10) Shhh! I can’t //////what they are saying! a) listen to b) hear 11) He ...... terrible! Even I can sing better than that! a) sounds b) looks




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