nervous - I'm really N-----S about my exam. I don't think I've studied enough!, unpleasant - My new boss is really U----T She's very demanding and shouts a lot., homesick - I felt H---K the whole time I was there. I really missed my family and friends!, optimistic - He is quite O---C about the whole thing. He thinks everything will go really well., extraordinary - My uncle has three degrees and can speak five languages. He's an E--Y person , strange - It can be difficult to move to a new country. At first, everything can seem very S---E, dull - I hoped the holiday would be exciting, but it was actually really D---L, lively - I had such a good time at my party last week. Everyone was dancing and laughing – it was really L--Y, delicious - The D---S smell of apple pie was coming from the kitchen., financial - The Japanese government gives F--L support to farmers.,




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