1) LIKES AND DISLIKES: Which of your own personality traits are you least proud of? 2) LIKES AND DISLIKES: How would you like to improve the aspects of your life you enjoy most? 3) LIKES AND DISLIKES: Tell me something about the kinds of people you gravitate towards. 4) LIKES AND DISLIKES: Are you the sort of person who holds very strong feelings? How do you show them? 5) ACCOMMODATION AND SURROUNDINGS: How do your physical surroundings affect you? 6) ACCOMMODATION AND SURROUNDINGS: Tell me about the kind of accommodation you feel most relaxed in. Why? 7) ACCOMMODATION AND SURROUNDINGS: Would you call yourself a country or a city person? Why? 8) ACCOMMODATION AND SURROUNDINGS: How do you feel about modern architecture? 9) WORK AND PROSPECTS: Tell me something about your choice of career. 10) WORK AND PROSPECTS: In terms of work, would you say you are a good team player? Why/why not? 11) WORK AND PROSPECTS: How easy do you think it is to find a good balance between work and leisure? 12) WORK AND PROSPECTS: Please outline your future hopes and plans with regard to work. 13) HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: How large a part does physical fitness play in your life? 14) HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Tell me about your ideal way of spending leisure time. 15) HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Do solitary or group activities attract you? Why? 16) HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: To what extent would more leisure time improve your life? 17) SOCIAL AFFAIRS: How interested generally are you in social issues? Why do you think this is? 18) SOCIAL AFFAIRS: How do you prefer to get your news – from TV, the Internet or newspapers? Why? 19) SOCIAL AFFAIRS: Which social issue has recently attracted your attention? Why? 20) SOCIAL AFFAIRS: How good a social or welfare worker would you be?


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