1) I saw the film ..... a) BY CHANCE b) ALONE c) ON MY OWN 2) We found this restaurant ..... We didn't know it even existed. a) ON OUR OWN b) BY CHANCE c) IN A MOMENT 3) They have lived .... California for 20 years. a) ON b) IN c) AT 4) This is my very first visit ..... London. a) IN b) AT c) TO 5) Wait! I'm busy now. I'll do that ..... a) FINALLY b) AT THE MOMENT c) IN A MOMENT 6) My grandmother made this carpet ..... a) BY HAND b) ON HAND c) AT HAND 7) I never meant to hurt you. It wasn't ..... a) BY ACCIDENT b) IN PURPOSE c) ON PURPOSE 8) The thieves drove ..... the motorway, and ..... the bridge. a) ON / ALONG b) ALONG / OVER c) ON / UNDER 9) Have you ever acted ..... a film? a) ON b) AT c) IN




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