1) At school, we play football, basketball and ______ball. a) basketball b) badminton c) volleyball 2) My friends and I sometimes go s___ b_____ing. There are also people on BMX bikes and scooters there. a) snowboarding b) skateboarding c) snurfboarding 3) In winter, people in our town go i___s____ing on the lake when it's very cold. a) iceboarding b) inskating c) iceskating 4) I do Z____ because I love dancing and I want to get fit. a) Zero b) Zumba c) Zamba 5) Some girls in my class enjoy sports from Japan and China like karate and k____ f_. a) Kawasaki b) Karate c) Kung Fu d) Badminton 6) Mark and Jake often go k______ing on a small river near our village. a) Kung fu b) kayaking c) karate 7) I'm very tall so my teacher thinks I should play b________ but I don't like team sports. a) tennis b) football c) basketball d) badminton




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