1) What does the lady of the castle juste wake up ? a) she prays b) she cooks c) she gets dresserd and she combs for the day 2) Who built the medieval castle ? a) couts or marquises b) architects c) bricklayers 3) What does the knight do in the afternoon ? a) in the afternoon goes to fight b) in the afternoon they sometimes hunt with falcon c) in the afternoon goes to fishing 4) What does the princess do in the castle ? a) reating a scrool b) water the flowers c) go for a walk in the castle 5) What do the squire do ? a) filing their weapons b) they go on horseback c) helping a knight get rady for battle 6) What is around the medieval castle ? a) fields b) moat c) river 7) What does the lord of the castle just wake up ? a) he prays b) makes a banquet c) he has political discussion 8) What does the quenn of the castle just wake up ? a) talking to her servant b) sitting on the throne c) she cooks 9) What the lord eats for breakfast ? a) the, bread and biscuit b) brad, fish and salad c) With white bread, meat dishes or fish disces and wire or al to drink





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