1) What type of vegetable is disliked by vampires and used to scare them away? a) Broccoli b) Carrots c) Garlic d) Onion 2) What do vampires and bats have in common? a) They both fly b) They both come out at night c) They both drink blood d) B and C 3) What does Dracula transform into? a) A cat b) A rat c) A bat d) a hat 4) How do you become a vampire? a) A vampire bat bites you b) By accident c) A vampire bites you d) God turns you into a vampire e) A and C 5) How can I protect myself from a vampire? a) By shouting: "HELP" b) By using garlic c) By setting them on fire d) By exposing them to the sun light e) By sticking a stake in their heart f) B, C, D, E




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